Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 93


¶1] Dun Ruissarach, whence the name? Not hard to say. It was built by Garach son of Fomoir of the Fir Domnainn, and there he had his home. It was his three sons that were slain at the Tain by Cuchulainn: Lon and Diliu and Uala were their names.

¶2] Or again: Sarach the mason put a finish on the building for Patrick. There is a door to it and a bar on the door; from the time of Patrick till to-day they do not become rotten, and none knows what sort of wood they are made of. Also there is a prophecy about that dun, that it shall be borne to the Promised Land, with all the men and cattle therein, even seven times the content of the dun's close; and in the close there is a belvedere. Moreover it is one of Patrick's sayings, that whenever there shall be need, however many kine shall be brought thither, there shall be room for them, until the housewife's son says ‘There is no room’; and whenever that shall be said there, Dun Ruissarach shall vanish.

¶3] The full of the dun in hornless dun kine was given to the mason for building it, but one cow was wanting: and in lieu of her this price was given to the mason, that the dun should bear his name, even Dun Rois Sarach: but its name from of yore was Dun Tri Liac.