Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 89


¶1] Tulach Eogain in Offaly, whence its name? Not hard to say. Eogan of Bruiden Da Choca was buried there. Now he was called Eogan of the Bruiden because it was in Bruiden Da Choca that he was born and bred, namely, Eogan of the Bruiden, son of Nathi son of Ross Failge son of Cathair mór; and from him Tulach Eogain has its name. Whereof was said: ‘Here is the grave of Eogan of the Bruiden, no grave of a stranger unused to hardship, but a man without reproach in his eastern land, the grandson of Cathair son of Fedlimid.’

¶2] It was Cormac ua Cuinn that bred up Eogan: Rechet also reared him, Dian's daughter. He it was who gave her in fee the plain that is called Mag Rechet, and it would be from her that it got its appellation. In that hill too were buried Cathair mór and


Ross Failge and Nathi and Eogan of the Bruiden, whereof was said:

¶3] I have matter of grief for a burden to lay on the tombs of warriors over the bare grave: there is none that can tell aright of the passing of the high kings in death.

¶4] Here above their beds I stand with loving dirge and endless lamentation, while they suffer sorrow for this world, without pleasure or happiness.

¶5] Here rest a brave quartet in one place, in one abode: a hard thing, a thing intolerable it is, to stand over the bed of the fiery warriors.

¶6] Four there were, as is well known, that did red deeds of valour; proud Nathi, Eogan's father, Eogan, Nathi's son, Ross giver of gifts, and the fourth, just Cathair.

¶7] There were six sons of generous Ross Failge, to whom Leinster gave full obedience; men untamed on all battle-fields until the death-sleep fell upon them:

¶8] Oengus the Fair, fierce Oengus the Black, Brenainn, Dalan, that flame across the moor, Eochaid, chief of the field, and Nathi, till the sleep of death.

¶9] Maclocc, Fergus, stern Cetach, Currech, Furudran shining white, the two Ailills, modest pair, Oengus, Coelan, Conamail,

¶10] Those are the ten sons of stern Cathair, and his six grandsons, in one tomb: a band of lions undaunted were they, here round Eogan [...]


¶11] They are the sons and the grandsons of the high king Cathair of the new spear: at Carmun of the kings, where I shall go, a mighty matter is their sleep.

¶12] Eber son of Míl, doer of brave deeds, Lugna leth-liath of the floating mane, on the Road between Two Plains they lie, on the causeway, sleeping sound.

¶13] Seven men, seven score, seven hundred—seven kingly men, with sheen of ivory: Mac Heiris, after violation of his compacts, lies here heavily asleep.

¶14] The name of the hill, good in all regards, under which each prince lies hidden, did that lion, Lug's rival, win for himself: under it lies Eogan sleeping.

¶15] Many a warrior has there been, many a tomb, many a grave, many a kindred, many a gathering, whereof inquiry and [...] makes mention: the sleep of the kings is no secret.

¶16] Cormac ua Cuinn nurtured here assiduously Eogan of the Hostel: his nurse's name, without question, was Rechet, who slept among kings.

¶17] 4This Eogan, Rechet it was who nursed him, daughter of Dian, captain of troops; he gave his good nurse a portion with no yoke upon it save the high king's.

¶18] I would asseverate without glib falsehood that Eogan the fair of colour gave her an estate; bright well-liking land was granted her, so that it is called smooth Mag Rechet.


¶19] From the day that her nursling set apart for Rechet this level plain, it belonged to the woman, without a burden respecting the plain, till came her time to sleep.