Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 87


¶1] Cruachan Aigle, whence the name? Not hard to tell. Aigle son of Derg, son of Connra, fell there by the hand of Cromderg son of Connra, because Cliara cétach whom Aigle slew while under the protection of Cromderg [...] Cruachan Garbrois was previously its name: but thenceforth it was Cruachan Aigle, ut dicitur in sequenti.

¶2] Aigle son of Derg (red his face); him Cromderg son of Connra slew: from that deed of savage force the name Aigle is given to Garbros.

¶3] Cruachán Garbrois the learned of this land used to call it: thenceforth its name is Cruachan Aigle, till the day of judgement.

¶4] Whence comes the name Cliara Cetach? let the shanachies of Connaught inquire: there was slain the Scal's daughter, and her attendants from Spain.

¶5] And Druimne, whence the name? There Luat was, the son of the Scal Balb: there his wife Bairend was killed, when sore disease broke her back.

¶6] Ecaill, that stands above the water—know ye whence the stronghold is called? Ecaill was killed there, daughter of Aed derg son of Lethderg.