Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 75


  1. Cnucha, whence is it named? Not hard to say. Cnucha daughter of Connad from the meadow-land of Luimnech, and nurse of Conn the Hundred-Fighter, deceased there of a sickness in her own house, and was buried by Connad in the hill of Cnucha yonder. Hence it is called Cnucha.

  2. p.267

  3. Cnucha, a hill above Life's stream, was once a seat of honour: it was a harbourage for guests once on a time, when Tuathal techtmar owned it.
  4. Fert in Druad was its name of old, in the ancient days of Ugaine till the days of Conn at the Raven's Hill, till the coming of Connad's daughter.
  5. Nurse to Conn, who loved strife, was Cnucha of the lovely head: she dwelt in the painted keep in the days of Conn of the hundred fights.
  6. Cnucha, daughter of Connad the curly-haired from Luimnech's broad green meadow-land, died there of a sickness in her home; it was a loss to the Gaels.
  7. The woman was buried, sorrow though it was, right in the middle of the hill, so that Cnucha is its name thenceforth till the day of judgement.
  8. Such, ye open-handed folk, is the true account of it from that time, the story of this hill here, that is rightly called Cnucha.

  9. p.269