Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 74


  1. Cnucha, whence was it named? Not hard to say. When the five sons of Dela mac Loith came to Erin, Gann and Genann, Rudraige and Sengann and Slaine, they brought five queens with them: Fuat wife of Slaine, from whom is named Sliab Fuait and Inis Fuata; Etar wife of Gann—she died in Etar and from her Etar is named; Anust wife of Sengann, Liber wife of Rudraige, and Cnucha wife of Genann—she died on that hill and was buried therein, and from her the hill is named Cnucha. Whereof it was said:
  2. Five wives did Dela's five sons bring hither with hardship: two of them were famous Cnucha and bright radiant Etar.
  3. Now Cnucha died here on the hill that is called Cnucha; Etar, wife of renowned Gann, died in the same hour on Benn Etair.
  4. Hence is named noble Etar, and Cnucha, populous with hundreds, and blameless Inis Fuata, and Sliab Fuait great in fame.