Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 72


  1. Loch Cenn—what are the heads whence its name comes? let its traditions be recounted, since Colman mór son of Diarmait fell by the hand of Cairpre.
  2. Colman son of comely Diarmait, who ruled Erin without annoyance, put his grave (no cheating treasure) in Mag Femin, at his dying day.
  3. Cairpre son of Crimthann, with a sage's help, vanquished that battle-branch, Conn's progeny: the grandson of Eochaid mac Aengussa filled Loch Cenn with his blood.
  4. Nine hundred heads—no meagre share—with the head of Colman, wielder of pointed blades, did Cairpre of Cashel, stalwart prince, cast upon the waters of Loch Cenn.
  5. Loch Silenn!—its earlier name ennobled and glorified it above bounds: the swan shall wave its white plumes over the waters of Loch Silenn.
  6. Loch Cenn! woe to him that rows along its shore! Cairpre filled it with heads, till it is all blood beneath and above.
  7. Loch Silenn from that time forth (since we tell the tale to numerous companies) did Cairpre fill, the warrior of the Cairn, so that hence comes the name of Loch Cenn.

  8. p.261