Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 71


  1. Loch Laiglinde, lake of waves, through what unequal conflict did it get its name? Though this was its name, it was not so aforetime, until Laiglinde was drowned there.
  2. Laiglinde, the well-attended warrior, came with fifty fighting men in ships; the chieftain perished in the glen, beside a spring of water from the Deluge.
  3. A wave burst forth from the brimming well over the plain far and wide, and turned it into a shoreless lake, and drowned Laiglinde.
  4. The Well of Dera mac Scera was also its name: it was called Dera's Well until Laiglinde was drowned.
  5. Delgnat daughter of fierce Lochtach, wife of Partholon after the primal Flood, was mother of famous Laiglinde, on whom the wave wrought dire vengeance.
  6. Fifty women (great was the deed) attended Delgnat, the high king's wife: she went into the grave-mound, when all were dead, and died of mourning for the tidings.
  7. I am Fintan, here alive, in penitence: I know (yet am not therefore honoured) the legend of Loch Laiglinde.

  8. p.259