Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 62


  1. I call to mind the origin of the tale of Brí Léith meic Celtchair, and the woful issue of exploits of tireless hosts against Liath, from Cualu of the gatherings.
  2. Liath, son of upright Celtchar of Cualu, loved great Midir's daughter, Brí brúach-brecc, famous for excellencies, but Celtchar's son could not attain her.
  3. There was none fairer in her time, none nobler, none more winsome, and the sweetheart who was no sluggard loved the daughter of Midir mac Indui.
  4. The lady Brí journeyed for his sake, attended by her maidens, to meet him, and came to Temair of the chieftains eastward to greet Liath mac Celtchair.
  5. Midir, lord of Mide, would not suffer Liath to approach his house, but the prince dissevered till death Liath and the valiant lady.
  6. The daughter of doughty Midir departed then in her battle-harness, and she died afterward an easy death at Brí Léith meic Celtchair northward.
  7. ‘Though we mate not, thou and I, O Brí, cause of combat, fame unforbidden! the place yonder shall bear thy gentle name, Brí of Liath mac Celtchair from Cualu.’
  8. Such was the lofty speech of Liath, whom the martial bards extol, to Brí brúach-brecc, ere they parted, a swift shrewd saying, right memorable.

  9. p.231