Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 58


  1. Lecc Thollchind, name of import, stands over the margin of the rough mid-sea; well known to me, appropriate, unconcealed, is the story of its true origin—attend!
  2. Tollchend, with his rock, was fool to Eochaid son of stern Enna Cendselach: then was the quick fool struck down, when warrior Niall was shorn of strength.
  3. At the spot where Tollchend also fell, who was no Gael, by the hand of Niall's following, his head and helm were there struck off perforce.
  4. Fast clave the stout helm to the dark head proud in battle, while round it came the alert troops, to break it and finally dissever.
  5. They availed not, with all their might, against head or helm, to loose its circling clasp (hide not this!) by blows or force of fire.
  6. ‘Cast we the head with its covering in the sea southward,’ said they all in order due: ‘for it concerns the weal of our host: this we counsel, one and all.’
  7. Thereupon the dark head in its helm was cast into the sluggish sea, and it was borne by the chilly waves to the bare Stone we sing of.

  8. p.225

  9. Nine holes were in the head (it was an ill deed): the holes of its ears, the holes of its cheeks, the holes of its nostrils and its keen grey eyes, the hole under the mill of its mighty mouth.
  10. When the chilly waves brought the fierce head, as of a swift sea-monster, its name clave to the lofty Stone, the rock whereon its fame settled suddenly.