Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 54


  1. Were I to find myself in the east on the plain where ye ride, ere departing I would relate the story of its women, I would not hide it.
  2. Findabair, daughter of Lugaid, died here in the hour of her distress, when she came hither from the west, commanding clouds of warriors.
  3. Lugaid Laigde, unerring marksman, came hither with Cormac, and the stainless stripling fell in the mighty battle of Crinna.
  4. The three Ferguses, with shoutings manifold, were hewn by the hand of Lugaid: Lugaid, that slew them at Rath Cró, was left all imbrued in gore.
  5. It was the death of her proud beloved father that brought the maiden eastward: of a truth, she never left him till the breath left her lips.

  6. p.219

  7. 1After Findabair, her nursling died of grief for loss of his mistress: 'tis right to set his name in her lay: from him Bréch-mag is called.
  8. I was familiar there afterward with the plain ye ride about: 'tis right that I should find myself in the spot where stands her grave imperishable.