Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 51


  1. Though here we sit a while on the hill of Cerna, where troops find quarters, yonder in stern Cerna lie a multitude whose heart was set on pride.
  2. There is nimble Cerna, a lad that bore off victory across the battle-breach, whose true father was Cairpre that won many a match in smooth poesy.
  3. There is Femen the fair, and Gemen from the dark Glen, and Artan, that lofty chieftain, and Marcan son of Donngaile.
  4. There is Fingen—attend! one that shaped aright each keen judgement; and Guaire, pure-handed, skilful and polished, and Baesach son of Tollchend.

  5. p.205

  6. There till the final doom rest a pair free from stain, free from word of blame, Find that scattered gifts in famous wise, unflinching, and Derg, his brother.
  7. There is the champion Neide, and Geide and Garb and Gartnia: there till now is the host-attended warrior Aldui Lamb-head, son of Iarlaithe.
  8. There is Cian, the unwearied, and broad-backed Casan, Dub Da Chonn, that walked not blindly, and Bresal of the land of Brega.
  9. There are the three Aeds, Aed ua Temna, no tender minion, Aed ua Huaine, beloved staff, and Aed donn, the hard-travailing.
  10. There is sweet-spoken Bennan, and bright Loingthe of the merry-lays, and the traveller Berr son of Erc, and wry Conan the hundred-slayer.
  11. There is Detla next and Cetna, proud in battle, Aldui that dealt no man a second stroke, and Cathgen, battle-enriched.
  12. There are the four Garbs, Garb of the Glen and Garb son of Scarb, Garb rige of the bold raids, and crooked Garb from old Sliab Crot.

  13. p.207

  14. There is Guala the white-skinned, and Goll son of Da Gemned, and Fiach—a shield guarding Falga—and Slanga son of Dubthach.
  15. There is Tuathal from of old, and Tipraite Broad-foot, and Bruach of Brega—sweet name—and Trena son of Loiscend.
  16. There is the seer Fuatach and Sithchend, fortune's favourite, and Faidech head of the family, and worthy Laidech, accomplished poet.
  17. Loingsech son of Oengus is there with Eochaid of Lemain, wielder of blades, and comely Niall, Cernach's son, who caused sore grief in the plain of Brega.
  18. There is noble Aed Slaine and Conall, slim-flanked Calf of Brega, and young Oengus of Odba and worshipful Congal, fair pillar.
  19. There is splendid Ailill, Diarmait, Blathmac that never paled, Sechnasach, ever affable, and Conaing son of Congaile.
  20. There is Irgalach—set on! and the two Amalgaids and sweet-spoken Cendfaelad of Brega and Finnachta fledach, lavish and merry.
  21. Cinaed son of Irgalach is there, and Flaithbertach of the shoutings, and Cernach, continually, and shapely Dunchad of the Dael.

  22. p.209

  23. Too many to number in full are the joyous yellow-haired host that lie beneath Cerna, stooping home of hundreds, men of Conn's line that made it great by war.
  24. His wife lies under the cloak of each man of the host I have enumerated thus far, on Cerna's hill, hundred-strong, in splendour and in beauty.
  25. I pledge a word that is no small boast, that for every goodly man we name, in sooth, there are a hundred as good in Cerna—were there any one that could call them to mind.
  26. Cerna, famous foeman, 'tis he is first among them in his home; his right appellation, by noble conjunction, is Cerniam.
  27. From him comes for utterance in the north the appellation of Cerua, with its hundred gifts, best of all pledges for fulfilment of prayer, though here we sit continually.
  28. O King of unfailing loving-kindness, by thy holiness and mighty power may we reach Heaven of the clear promises, though here a while we sit.

  29. p.211