Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 50


  1. Cleitech the druid, faithful and ready, was a great chief—a word not lightly spoken; here was the seer buried, from whom comes the revered name of Cleitech.
  2. Perchance 'twas the house that then was reared, according to the record of copious authors, which was called abidingly yonder ‘the top of all houses’ in Erin.
  3. Or else, the untimely slaying of Mac Erca was the ‘top of boundless groans’; at grim Cleitech undevout he met wounds, burning and drowning.

  4. p.203

  5. The ‘top of groans’ in wide Erin was the loss of worshipful Cormac, grandson of noble Conn in the house of Cleitech, after a contest of wits, when the salmon-bone stuck in his gullet.
  6. I have heard of a son of Dega, son of Sen, son of Ross, skilled in feats: there in the north he built his house, the stern man whose name was Cleitech.
  7. When the Lord of every man hath spoken, may I receive his exceeding reward! the King that is holier than any hath parted Cleitech from its loved ones.