Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 48


  1. The swine of Mac Dá Thó, that chieftain richly clad, was no bare-boned starveling: for seven years' space, without deceit, sixty strippers were milked to feed it.
  2. Famous was the goodly belauded beast, as is sounded forth in story, without hiding the treachery that destroyed it: forty oxen toiled to nourish it.
  3. Its mighty tail alone on the cart-frame was nine men's load, strangest of bloody sights! Conall Cernach devoured it, while he was making the brave bountiful division.
  4. Though Ailbe of the bright cheeks escaped—that hound whose pleasure was in combat: though he repelled attacks from the place, it was none the poorer for the great pig also.

  5. p.197

  6. Mess Gegra and noble Mess Roida were two sons of Da Tho, host of the mighty troops; Mess Roida's son, he it was—alas! that fed the great swine to fatness.
  7. The five noble fifths of Erin came to him once in full array; their rivalry brought them to him: great was that following of a single swine!