Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 47


  1. Dear is the monument, visited by scores of crowds, and dear the grave of martial memory; dear is the corpse, now spiritless, to which the swine gave lasting sepulture.
  2. Thorny the tale that was bruited there, of a fighter that never needed urging, who speaks no more: the sudden fate of Lena, that fades not, has caused dread and dire dismay.
  3. Lena, son of wealthy Mess Roida, reared a swine, worst of plagues: this was that fatal boar whereby Lena, martial foe, was slain.
  4. From him shall fierce Mag Lena of martial fame answer to its name in the north, from the noble scion who faced the fray: he departed thence, a death undesired,

  5. p.195

  6. When the five fair provinces of Erin came, on a time, in full array, at Samain-tide, to seek the swine in the east where it had its loved abode.
  7. The noble prop of constant combats bred Ailbe sleek and dappled, smooth of poll: many a host he laid under earth in the east, that perfect hound, fell and dear.