Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 46


  1. The seven sons of Bregon, a strength unsaddened, Brega, Blad, Cualu great in battle, Cualnge, Fuat, good Murthemne, and noble Ith, high chieftain,
  2. That active right-goodly band cleared a good plough-land for their children, so by them is it tilled in after times and from them is it named.
  3. Brega cleared—a boast not to be hidden—this plain our horses drive round, so that his name, as each of the seven's, endures a while for an illustrious title of the land he seized.
  4. There has come down, with a tale not trivial, along the line of the learned, luckily, the name of Brega, free from repute of crime, the ox of bright-brooched Dil.

  5. p.193

  6. Therefore did Dil love—was it not natural?—the ox that was leader of a great herd, because she was born in the same hour as the ox bright of colour.
  7. Tulchinde the druid, as poets affirm, bore off the young and modest maiden, along with the renowned excelling steer, to Mag Bolgaide rich in cattle.
  8. The name of the ox unmanaged clave to Mag Breg, with its many troops; that oxen-home is called without doubt ‘Brega's strip’: the appellation of the seven sons departed from it.