Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 44


  1. Bear me in mind the story of Codal, honoured here beyond hosts famed for prowess: why is it known to the death-dealing array—the unsullied name of round-breasted Codal?
  2. Codal the round-breasted reared the virgin Erin, rich in steeds; here, on the swelling hill, thou seest him with a lasting vesture covering his breast.
  3. Growing as grew the woman, warlike Erin, born among arms, so gloriously grew the hill above earth's bright surface:
  4. Till she said to her fosterer in her vigour unabated: ‘The wind hath pierced us, the cheering sun hath scorched us, the mountain is rising above Erin!’
  5. Had not the woman noticed the hill growing and gaining, the far-seen peak of yellow-sided Codal would stand above all Erin.

  6. p.187

  7. In the day that the High King of Brena and Boand shall eat the food thereof, Codal's fosterling shall be a guard for the King of Temair in every conflict he has chosen.
  8. Codal of the chariots and the stout sword was buried there afterwards in the blue hill of green boughs: so the story runs.