Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 41


  1. Buan, Samaer's daughter, a woman not white of hue, gave her lasting love to Cuchulaind of the firm barb, when she followed his chariot's track,
  2. When the warlike three of ardent valour held their course to Ess Ruaid, Loegaire, a flame on the roaring battle's edge, Conall Cross-eye and the Hound of the Smith.
  3. The contest for the coveted portion brought westward the rivals bright of tint: toward Samaer they loosened rein, for they had taken him for umpire.
  4. Samaer, whom no equal lays low, gave the Portion to the battle-boasting Hound; the northern Hound, whose fame was firm-rooted, gained the Champion's Portion without dispute.
  5. Then the bright-cheeked maiden loved him, she whose name was famous Buan, and came after him to meet him to Fich Nemain of the anguish-cry.
  6. I have heard how she perished there upon the rock at Fich Buana of the oxen: a luckless way she went afar; she dealt a blow to one that felt it not.

  7. p.183