Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 39


  1. At Inber Cichmaine, though it be narrow, was slain (a mighty onslaught) far-famed Maine, son of Medb and Ailell, exulting in fury of warlike combats.
  2. Him Fergna, generous son of widowed Findchoem, smote, in his flower, and his grave is in the ground, where the tall stripling murdered him.

  3. p.179

  4. Dreadful the deed unworthy that Findchoem's son committed, the killing of Maine Andoe, lord of steeds, known over every bright blue-watered plain.
  5. Around the curragh—famous meeting! it was ruin, it was great pity,—befell the loss of mighty Maine, that was not witless, whereby the inlet got its name.
  6. There was he slain (harsh the tidings), Ailill Find's ill-omened son, Cichmaine, stout champion against death, when he leapt into the inlet in the north.
  7. Or else, this is the true story of the stranger's death by no kindly deed, even the killing of him with the fierce heavy eyes as he hauled the fish out of the inlets.