Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 38


  1. Here was buried proud Odba, one that loved wisdom, an oak for strength: the grandson of wanton Ballethan frequented the hill with his docile yoke of foreign horses.
  2. Odba, son of Blai Ballethan from Brí, won great victories in his lifetime, when he served Conn of the Hundred Fights: no sluggard was he, dark wielder of the famed ivory hilt.

  3. p.177

  4. A swine-herd deemed high of spirit was he, a frowning fortress, a fervent champion; a man quick of hand, a keeper of serried ranks, Odba, the lamb-head wether that leads the flock.
  5. The spot where his grave was built was the noble pleasance of many a host: 'tis right that he lies in the midst of the untroubled hosts from whom he sprang.
  6. So his name, higher than any cliff, clave to the strong land yonder; hence Odba of the many exploits is called: no staff unstained was broken here.
  7. Odba, wife of Eremon, is there, in the midst of her portion yonder: he that was chief in yonder land cherished her here, the well-born indolent lady, the mother of his sons.