Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 35


  1. Learn ye from me in clear stately verse the cause why Sliab Fuait is so named, that ye may know its story, since I find myself snugly here.
  2. Fuat son of Bile—brisk was he—brought with him from the Maidens' Isles through all roads on his glorious roaming a sod from Spain to Erin.
  3. Fuat, Bregon's grandson, doughty his deeds, strong was he beyond earth's utmost might, a young warrior not single in his ship, a victorious leader of the sons of Bregon.
  4. Fuat, Bregon's grandson, doughty his deeds, strong was he beyond earth's utmost might: his steps bore him without danger of spear-heads to the Isle of Truth.

  5. p.169

  6. He brought with him, of the soil of the Island, a sod over the strong sweet waves and planted it—fair the voyage—here on the soil of Sliab Fuait.
  7. If any man were to utter pallid falsehood over the smooth surface of the green-rimmed sod, it would not endure the lie without turning over—the gift was fame for the sod.
  8. When a king was upright the sod would bear a bright hue: but if ever he spake falsehood it would turn its roots upward.
  9. The sod remains on the north side of the mountain: it gained virtues of all kinds on the way: a sod that would not endure crooked misdealing, a guileless man brought it, noble Fuat.
  10. Upon it, with step unshrinking, for guarding of the truth, came long after, not by wrong, the chief apostle, Patrick.
  11. Here abides the shining sod, the little sod of the Promised Land, in the Plain of Nár (martial his might): I will make it clear and plain to see.
  12. Ua Duinn of dark speech told the tale of the sod of blooming Cenn Berraide when he firmly wove for you for your instruction the true story of Sliab Fuait—and learn ye it!

  13. p.171