Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 34


  1. Plain for me to see with bright glance from Ard Asse round about is the Grave of Nemed's wife, valiant in war, the Balance of the son of Balar's daughter.
  2. The port where the Lugair brought their ship in Descert Maige Oendruind, the strong Boar's Crossing, after the hour of tierce, it is near and plain to see.
  3. Loch Echtra, noble Loch Neagh, Sliab Breg, Sliab Bairche ever-white, the stone Seat of Congal, taker of heads, the tall stately Sliab Ullenn,

  4. p.165

  5. Sliab Slanga, fair Sliab Cuilinn, Sliab Moduirn in Mugdorna, Sliab Cairthin, by noble Aine, smooth Sliab Fota, of the glorious battle.
  6. The hills of the Ulaid, to the northward, in red Crich Araide, spacious Sliab Miss—rude work! smooth Sliab Callann, scene of combats.
  7. Next the hills of Connacht—Sliab Tua, Sliab Cairn, Sliab Betha, ever-fresh, Sliab Carthind, peaked Sliab Bethech, the rugged heights of the hills of Galenga.
  8. Cenel Eogain, the confines of Ulaid, the men of Brega, a goodly native stock, the confines of the Three Collas, no rightful boundary, on every side they are plain to see.
  9. Learn ye from me, in clear and stately verse, the reason why Sliab Fuait is so named, since it chances that I sojourn here, so that ye may know its story.
  10. Fuat son of Bregon, brave were his deeds, his fame was spread over earth's extent: a warrior was he, not solitary in his ship, a leader of Bregon's victorious sons.
  11. He turned aside, all alone, on his journey to the land of Erin; his steps bore him, stately and steadfast, to the Isle of Truth.
  12. He brought with him, of the island's soil, a sod, over the strong-maned sea, and laid it—fair voyage!—here on the soil of Sliab Fuait.

  13. p.167

  14. Whenever a king was truthful the sod was bright with fair hues: but if ever he uttered falsehood, it would turn its roots upward.
  15. It was upon it—an unwearied journey—that, to preserve its truth, Patrick's glorious gelding lay down long after—strength was in his gait.
  16. Here it remains, a shining treasure, the little sod from the Land of Promise, in honoured Nemed, martial and mighty: to yourselves it is clear and plain to see.