Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 28


  1. Here is the grave of ‘Aife's only man’, son of a right-wanton couple; never did earth throw her mantle over a boy bolder of nature.
  2. The little lad was not afraid, when he crossed the bright sea-water, to sit by the lonely bank of Dall, and to encounter Cuchulaind.
  3. His mother sent him from the east and his father slew him: ill for them both alike was their son's death through their misdeeds.
  4. Senseless it was for his sire to be wroth with a boy of bare nine years; there was nothing that should make him furious, since he knew the lad was but a child.
  5. Had it been his match in age who opposed him, if they came together and joined combat his visitor would not have won unscathed the spoil of the warrior whose grave is here.
  6. Sad the lament that was raised by fierce Cuchulaind—it grew a custom: the Ulaid came in muster to bewail his only son.
  7. Thereafter Cuchulaind bore him to the meeting-place of Airbe Rofir: Airbe Rofir—whence comes the name, but from the hewing of this grave-stone?

  8. p.135

  9. Many a slaying has been wrought in the great world by his fury, and numerous in bright Banba are the graves and tombstones of those he slew.