Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 25


  1. Lethderg, whom our princes used to dream of, lovely daughter of Conchobar, bestowed her love—true the tale—in a dream, on Fothad.
  2. These are the names of the men (their deeds counted by scores) that were in company with Fothad (the fierceness of the cunning leader surpassed all prowess) and bore Lethderg to the Rock:

  3. p.123

  4. Fethlenn son of Fidrui, man of wrath, Lurgu son of flame-red Luath, a man whose spear missed not its mark, Irnisech son of Inmasech.
  5. Corr Derce, brave chief in battle, did Fothad notable service: he gave him guidance (thick came his captains) to the home of Tromda son of Calatrom.
  6. Tromda was doomed at that hour: no cock crowed, no dog barked, when Fothad came in wrath and bore off Lethderg, with the warrior's head.
  7. Briccem son of Tond—bright his name—right prudently manned a skiff for Fothad, with a crew of braves, to the Rock where Lethderg dwelt.