Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 21


  1. The plain where we are met in silence, high Mag Itha of the chilly banks, was called Mag Bolg mighty in battle till the death of illustrious Ith.
  2. Ith son of Breogan, numerous in exploits, came leading the bands of his noble kin: till he found Erin, abounding in hidden peril, he rested not in his resolute career

  3. p.93

  4. He reached Ailech of the Rock, that ancient land of nobles with its kings of broad Fótla and the three sons of Cermait.
  5. Then said he, in fluent speech: ‘Dwell ye together in kinship and unity! goodly is the island where ye are—no paltry renown!— plentiful its fish and its various fruitage!’
  6. ‘Temperate its heat and cold: happy the kings that own it of right! never found I land nor territory to match its mingled colours.’
  7. He journeyed from thence (it was no mean array) till he reached Mag Bolg of the cow-pastures: a glittering host came without warning to slay and to destroy him.
  8. Ith son of Breogan—lasting his fame—was killed and conquered there, even in Mag Bolg of the cattle-lord, whoe'er he be: he ranked as chief of many a plain.