Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 19


  1. Well I know, in pleasure and prosperity, the peak of Foibne son of Taircheltar, and the cause whence comes its name and its lore, a title undisputed.
  2. Foibne, fierce of feature, was a champion who would harry a host: he was a spencer and a cup-bearer, serving noble Eochaid alt-lethan.

  3. p.89

  4. He wrought a deed sudden and fell: he hatched in his heart an evil purpose: he was no weakling, when in Temair eastward he slew Illand son of Erclam.
  5. Henchman to the king of Temair eastward was Illand, Erclam's famous son: Erclam son of keen blue-clad Dothre was chief of hospitality in Sliab Moduirn.
  6. He went his way, the breadth of strong Brega: they followed, one and all, in pursuit: on every peak he found a watch set: unavailing was his active flight.
  7. Fergna, wielder of a broad and weighty blade, leader of the ranks, proud in prowess, followed, not faltering through any fatigue, and won his spoil in front of all.
  8. Ruthlessly he seized his vantage at vast Bend Foibne: and the wretched spencer fell by the hand of bloodthirsty barbarous Fergna.
  9. His name remains, without sorrow for a warrior, on much-renowned Benn Foibne, from the deed I have published in my tale; though I boast of it, 'tis great knowledge.
  10. O Jesu, that allayest every storm, let not dishonour nor disgrace reach me: O strong and noble Ruler of the rainclouds, bestow on me charm and knowledge!

  11. p.91