Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 12


  1. Ath Liac Find—from what stone comes the name? let the shanachies inquire for us! what forgetfulness has blinded us since the time when Find left his stone there?
  2. There was an encounter—famous march—between Cumall of Almu's son and a warrior of the northern region, the son of Eochaid Red-brows.
  3. Then came Sideng presently, the daughter of noble Mongan of the Áes Síde, and brought a stone with a chain of gold to Find son of Cumall son of Trénmór.
  4. Then Find laid the fierce stone, in the fight, on the shoulders of Guaire Goll, till the ammunition of his host was exhausted between day-rise and afternoon.
  5. Fland son of Eochaid Red-brows laughed loud from the northern side: he wried his shape—famous meeting—that strong wolf-head of conflict.
  6. Then Find stretched out his hand to his thrice-great three-edged stone and seized the rock that was on the shoulders of Guaire Goll
  7. There fell in the ford four Conalls, two Colmans, four Suibnes, two sons of Brecc, four Dubthachs, two Diarmaits.

  8. p.43

  9. Find hurled his stone into the ford what time his fury-fit came upon him: Bran and Senach and Sen perished by that cast.
  10. The stone fell in the pool where generous Find's honour was achieved: none finds it thereafter—is not that the precious treasure?
  11. A maiden will find it—famous chance! whose name is Be Thuinne: she will slip her shapely foot through its hoop of red gold.
  12. Quickly then she will draw it up, that stone with its chain-links, and leave it on the shore on a Sunday at the hour of matins.
  13. It is seven years thereafter—famous fulfilment—till comes the Day of Judgement; so that is the deed whence comes the story of the famous ford.