Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 8


  1. O folk, that are not mirthless at your meeting, if ye have visited Crechmael, say whence derives the name, extolled above Breg, of the wood whereto ye are come?
  2. When the daughter of sound-judging Bethra was with her cattle in covert nook,—fierce Sampait, who scorned dalliance, who was herdswoman and bard to boot:—
  3. There came upon her in her northern home stern Enna Cendselach's buffoon, he that, along with every noble title, had the redoubtable name of Crechmael:

  4. p.25

  5. Then the buffoon was smitten with love, and lusted to sate his sight of her: to appease his desire, he devised to ravish her among her noble kine in the north.
  6. The woman trussed him and tied him fast, in cords cunningly knotted he was destroyed: he raised not his head from the struggle; she tightened the spancel round his throat.
  7. Hence comes the subject of this song: truly the combat is not hidden: Crechmael is the name of the wood: no pointless tale I tell!
  8. Though he be even as one of the sluggish dead, his name has exalted the shining wood: faithfully have I discerned this folk's authentic story.
  9. O Christ that sufferedst on crimson cross, let me raise a strain of loud adoration to thee, eternal King of every height, after telling of each heroic folk.

  10. p.27