Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 6


  1. Dubthir Guaire—that ye may know the cause whence springs its true story: there was a time when it was no thicket of bushes but a region brilliant and bright in beauty.
  2. Two sons did Dall Dess leave, grasping Guaire and the rightful Daire: they were not agreed in partnership as to the domain—thereof came dissension.
  3. Guaire turned—a deed unprofitable—against keen Dáire, solver of dark riddles, and the warrior Dáire fell by his hand without show of quarter or mercy.
  4. From the day that stout Dáire was slain in crime-stained Daminis, Guaire's domain for that cause has been a land of briars perpetually.

  5. p.19

  6. Woe to him that cruelly sheds kindly blood, a deed whereof he reaps no fruit! Guaire's domain, indisputably, is now a plain with thickets overgrown.
  7. Preserve me from treachery and harm O Christ, that didst fashion my fair body! O joyous King of the firmament, let me not be downcast in a dark land!