Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem/story 5


  1. Dreco, daughter of grim Calcmael son of slender Cartan, son of Conuath, a maiden versed in all black arts, was a wizard and eke a poetess.
  2. By her was wrought (a tale of woe)—by her fury and her jealousy—the slaughter of the sons of Fergus Lethderg, when the fight of Bregross, the robber's hold, was fought.
  3. Four and twenty—no lie! even twice twelve men, four times six—fierce their deeds! these were slain by Dreco.
  4. Conán, Canán, Maelán the chieftain, Sarán, Saerán, Saebdercán, Uinnsiu, Aillsiu, high their prowess! Tuinnsiu, Tairrsiu and Tromcheó,
  5. Cuán, Cattán, curly Caemán, Tnuán, dark-grey Taebán, Fuither, Fiacc, Failbe and Flann, these are their names.
  6. The fierce woman-fiend, devil-begotten, brought against them murder and poison, and slew them all together by the sleep-bringing spell of a bitter drink.

  7. p.17

  8. The place where they lay dumb in death, its name is called Nemthend: the feast that was spread by Dreco brought them to sorrow and shame.
  9. May my body, gentle King of Crosses, be saved from harm and peril! and my soul, unblamed for sloth, let it not be delivered up to the Dragon!