Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 83

Carn Conaill

  1. Learn ye the legend whence is derived
    (it is no deceitful utterance)
    the name of the cairn where I am seated, even now,
    the cairn of slender Conall son of Oengus.
  2. 5] Oengus son of Umor from over sea,
    his son was Conall:
    on Conall Medb bestowed
    lovely Aidne, this is sooth.
  3. From the land of genuine Cruithne
    10] came Umor's household, across the sea,
    seeking Cairpre Nia Fer in Meath,
    centre of the Gaels.
  4. They asked for goodly lands,
    all the best of Brega, with its enduring strong places;
    15] Rath Cennaig, pleasant Rath Commair,
    Cnogba of Brega, the Brug of Elcmar's wife,
  5. Oenach Tailten, the tilth of Cermna,
    Tlachtga, the three Findemains,
    Ath Sige of the roads, Bri Dam Dile —
    20] that was the land they asked for.
  6. Cairpre laid a demand
    upon the men from over the sea,
    to do service to Tara, as other tribes do,
    so long as they till Erin, land of swift horses.

  7. p.443

  8. 25] They bound their pledges
    without more or less ado:
    Cairpre took four sureties as well,
    in respect of the service of his great stronghold.
  9. Cet mac Magach from Mag Maein
    30] Ross mac Dedad from Druimm Cain,
    Conall Cernach, mighty under water,
    the man of feats, Cuchulaind.
  10. When the tribes had settled themselves in the east
    round the shining sward of Temair,
    35] Cairpre of the hundred exploits imposed upon them
    a tax that they would not endure.
  11. They departed out of the east with their belongings
    unto Ailill and Medb;
    they settled westward of the sluggish sea,
    40] round Dun Oengussa in Aran.
  12. Cutra was carried to his lough,
    Cimbe was borne to Cimloch,
    Adar built his house southward
    Mil is planted upon Muirbech.
  13. 45] Dalach is driven upon Dail,
    Enach builds his house beside him,
    Bir is planted ashore at his Point,
    Mod is planted upon Modlind.

  14. p.445

  15. Irgus took possession of Cend Bairne,
    50] Cing settled at Aigle's field,
    at Laiglinne — it was no mishap —
    settled Bairnech Barann-bel.
  16. Conchuirn took his just share
    upon the sea in Inis Medoin,
    55] Lathrach took a strong hill,
    Toman took Rind Tomain.
  17. Asail came out of the north over the waves
    as far as Munster of the great doings;
    out of the north he came in his galley;
    60] from him is lovely Druim Asail named.
  18. Conall settled in Aidne —
    Conall Coem, though it was but guest-right:
    that is the settling of the host,
    even of all the household of Umor.
  19. 65] When Cairpre heard this
    his temper swelled high:
    he sent his summons all at once
    to his four guarantors.
  20. From the north come to his house
    70] the two chariot-fighters, from the Croeb Ruad:
    Ross comes from the Erainn eastward,
    Cet comes from the men of Connaught.
  21. "Bring before me," said upright Cairpre,
    "the great horde of the sons of Umor,
    75] or bring me the four heads
    whereon I made covenant with you for a term."

  22. p.447

  23. They departed thence to Rath Cruachan
    the formidable valorous four,
    they set to fasting — strong the compulsion —
    80] on the green of Cruachan of Connaught.
  24. The wife of Magu's son besought them
    for a respite until morning,
    so that Oengus the king
    might take counsel as to his pledges,
  25. 85] Whether he would go back to the east
    or would stay at Cruachan in the west,
    or whether his three brothers and his son
    should engage in combat on his behalf.
  26. This is the counsel that he fixed on:
    90] against Ross he sent Cing,
    to face Conall Cernach of the hundred
    trophies he set Cimbe Cethar-chend:
  27. He set Irgus the man of many fights
    over against Cet mac Magach,
    95] he set the flower of his family,
    Conall, to face Cuchulaind.
  28. The four warriors who came out of the east
    departed thence under guarantees:
    they had slain the well-matched four
    100] that were the pick of Umor's household.

  29. p.449

  30. Conall was buried with his father
    under this cairn with its pile of stones —
    'tis certain he was a sage that named it —
    so thence Carn Conaill has its name.
  31. 105] May the Lord free from sadness succour Mac Liac,
    of Linn na n-Ecess;
    O Christ, let us do the pleasure
    of the noble Lord who knoweth!

  32. p.451