Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 82

Ceis Choraind

  1. Here abode gentle Corand
    playing on the harp — it was goodly riches:
    Corand white of skin was a poet
    in the service of Diancecht, giver of sound limbs.
  2. 5] The Tuatha De (excellent name) bestowed
    land in fee, for his goodly music,
    on Corand of the soothing strains: —
    for his knowledge he deserves high esteem.
  3. Here abode the wayward man
    10] plying no fierce vocation and no sinister art;
    it was a home of guests and of plenty,
    when the noble man dwelt here.
  4. When Caelcheis was driven abroad,
    the savage nursling of Derbrenn,
    15] fleeing from the hounds of Connacht, at no tardy pace,
    her way brought her to Corand.
  5. Each man took his fellow's hand
    round the swine, right eagerly,
    and the sturdy sow was slain:
    20] not
    was the combat's close.
  6. Ceis Choraind, where hundreds gather,
    was thenceforth the name of the place of mighty herds,
    since the swine was slain yonder unlamented
    here in the land where Corand abode.

  7. p.441