Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 80

Mag Tibra

  1. Mag Tibra, that fair dwelling-place,
    do the vassals know its story?
    brightness undimmed rests upon its wealth:
    whence comes the name of the ancient plain?23
  2. 5] Tibir was a woman of renown,
    from her comes the title of possession:
    she was daughter of Cass Clothach, ruler of clans,
    a woman of the Tuatha De Danann.
  3. Irial son of mighty Eremon
    10] won Liathdruim by his valour:
    he was a king with no lack of horses:
    that woman was his nurse.
  4. Irial went on his royal journey
    round fair noble Erin
    15] till he came to the Dun of strong Tibra
    to hold speech with his noble nurse.
  5. Then a brief sickness seized
    the lordly high-king of Erin,
    and he met a death that gave him no respite,
    20] though it was grievous tidings for his nurse.
  6. All the men of Erin came
    at the tidings of yellow-haired Irial's death,
    to bear him to Cruachu of the clans,
    the burying-ground of the Tuatha De Danann.

  7. p.435

  8. 25] They bear with them the body of the noble king,
    having Erin on the right and the sea-shore
    on the left not joyous was their feast at all:
    they leave Crich Breis for Borrach.
  9. Heavily went the men
    30] round the body of the featful king,
    till they dug the noble king's grave,
    for the body of the king of Spanish blood.
  10. Tibir plunged into the sea
    for grief of noble Irial,
    35] and the solid wave buried with its force
    the wife of Palap son of Eremon.
  11. Hapless Tibir was brought to land,
    and the sight caused the people to break silence:
    she had no lack of honour at her decease,
    40] Irial
    the sloping mound.
  12. Dun na Gairthe is the hill's name
    from the cries of the folk of the encampment:
    seven days they spent there
    in holding races round Irial's grave.
  13. 45] Mag Glas was the name of the bright plain
    from Borrach down to the shore:
    but since the queen departed hence
    the name of the smooth plain is Mag Tibra.

  14. p.437