Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 78

Carn Amalgaid

  1. I will relate in full the legend
    of noble Carn Amalgaid to the proud race
    in mine abode, without deceit or dispute,
    even the lore of the cairn and its line.
  2. 5] Fiachra Elgach, lord of slender steeds,
    was son to the High King of Erin,
    even to Dathi — it was a strong branch —
    we have heard of no king who could match him.
  3. Son to Fiachra of the bright cheeks
    10] was Amalgaid of martial arms,
    from whom is named the cairn exempt from weakness
    that stood yonder in the plain exceeding fair.
  4. He it was that first trenched
    that cairn — fair was its knowledge22
    15] the son of Fiachra, who never wronged a man,
    (the words of maidens are many and sweet):
  5. In order to behold his long ships,
    and to have a place of assembly to dwell in:
    the hosts of your line rested quiet
    20] in the ancient place of burial.
  6. Long time they spent thereafter
    until the death of the athletic king,
    until the hero lay in his own cairn:
    famous for ever is his death.

  7. p.425

  8. 25] This is the veracious account
    of honoured Carn Amalgaid,
    the hosting-place of alert levies:
    it is right to tell its name and story.
  9. Amalgaid himself son of Fiachra
    30] from him is called the level sod of Tir Amalgaid,
    home of saints and churches and crosses:
    noble, I trow, is its story.
  10. Treise's Ferry on the northern side
    is called after Amalgaid's wife of high worth,
    35] she died at the ford hard by,
    for which cause her smooth cross was hewn.
  11. Amalgaid, that never wronged a man,
    son of Dathi of the radiant cheeks
    from him is the island now called,
    40] the lovely precinct of the gentle guardians.
  12. The brother of renowned Manannan,
    Bron, who cleared the ancient plain of trees,
    from him Mag Broin hard by is named,
    where no help stood by him against Fergus.
  13. 45] Here are the names of the secret places
    that I name to you according to rule:
    no man of learning nowadays
    follows the legend yonder — we are the leaders.

  14. p.427