Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 77

Inber Buada

  1. Inber Muada this place is named,
    it is right for the learned to tell its story:
    what was the excellence whence.the name comes,
    from which the Muaid got its famous title?
  2. 5] I will tell you, for well I know
    every excellence whence its name is derived:
    the knowledge shall be set forth in the middle of my book,
    without fault or forgetfulness.
  3. Parthalon of Port Breg came
    10] from Greece — 'tis an ancient harbour —
    to the land of Elg in good sooth:
    the martial soldier was a chief in every art.
  4. In Inis Samer free from grief,
    there Parthalon came to land,
    15] where the troop of eight found a shore
    when they reached Banba, land of ceaseless conflict.
  5. Parthalon of the harbours hoped
    that the rivers of Erin would give him help:
    every law had departed from his band of men:
    20] seldom did host or company visit them.
  6. Though it was long since he left his home Parthalon,
    in whom the noble men believed,
    he found not a fish till he reached mead-loving Muaid;
    the hosts were quarrelling along the marshy ground.

  7. p.421

  8. 25] "Full of excellences is the vast river-mouth,"
    said Parthalon, primal lord of ships;
    "its origin shall be crowned with excellences
    by the hosts that visit it continually."
  9. Inber Muada, in after-times
    30] the learned shall be telling thereof;
    till the Doom of the eager throngs arrive,
    let every ford and river-mouth cease to vie with it!

  10. p.423