Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 75

Loch Dechet

  1. They tell of a warrior with numbers of troops,
    whose name was Dechet of fiery force:
    he was a mighty man in lordship of lands,
    a staff for clearing of roads.
  2. 5] Glass mac Caiss had authority by covenant
    over strong Dechet son of Dergor:
    by him a rath was raised to be for all time
    far-famous beyond all royal raths.
  3. The mighty man built a rath of surpassing strength
    10] Suide Ruaid, above the royal cataract:
    Aed Ruad son of famous Badorn
    was leader of the shouting troops of the eastern tribes.21
  4. This is the reward given by the king
    Ruad, grandson of Mane Milscoth,
    15] to Dechet — a fair compact —
    the noble produce of the red cataract.
  5. The children of Ailill and only they,
    until the coming of Doomsday,
    own the produce of Ess Ruaid — no hasty gift,
    20] as Dechet got it, no sorry bargain.
  6. In the territory of Ailill, lord of steeds,
    a tower was built — it was his last award,
    that there should not be among his children (famous conjunction)
    strife nor division for the future.

  7. p.413

  8. 25] Dechet ate his portion, by standing usage,
    after ending the work full-cold,
    on the plain of Mag Lunga — knowest thou
    the occasion that brought trouble upon Dechet?
  9. He grew drunk and mad by turns,
    30] his seemly bearing forsook him,
    it was the noise of one doomed before his dissolution
    he plunged in the lake and was drowned utterly.
  10. Hence, from the heroic repast,
    is called Mag Lunga, laden with crops:
    35] its enduring name was granted assuredly
    to the warrior, as they tell.

  11. p.415