Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 74

Loch Con

  1. Loch Con, whose name shall never tell of peace —
    who is there that knows not
    the work of the headstrong harmful beast
    that made it a pillage and a prey?
  2. 5] From the Isles of the chieftain Mod
    baying with jaws agape
    the hound-packtowards its destruction
    bore its impetuous course.
  3. The pack of Mod unfaltering,
    10] which the beast overcame round Tuirbe's tower,
    tracked the mighty swine
    through every impenetrable thicket.
  4. It fled before them into this lake,
    it brought distress upon this tower;
    15] the dogs were drowned beneath this homestead
    by the swine, in countless numbers.
  5. When it had settled its battles
    it went to an island of the lake,
    and took it as a pleasant domain:
    20] the soil was its perpetual domicile.
  6. From the length of that pursuit
    when their doom came upon the hunters
    and they met an untimely fate —
    the lake derives its name.

  7. p.411