Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 73

Loch Neill

  1. I tell of Loch Neil — bright gathering —
    where the famous son of Enna Aignech
    of the wealthy host of noble Temair
    met a lamentable death.
  2. 5] Nel was leader of a full band of hunters,
    greatly dreaded in the meadow-lands of Elg:
    in the reign of goodly Conall Cromderg
    he wrought all warlike deeds of rapine.
  3. Drebrenn out of her evil heart sent
    10] a baneful drove in the shapes of red swine:
    from Collomair — a noisy strife —
    the hoary-bristled drove held its way.
  4. By the track they left bare Nel followed them
    — the contest was a 'tale at sword-point' —
    with his pack of hounds over a fair road
    15] throughout radiant Mag Ai.
  5. Ai was the name of the fell hound
    of Enna Aignech, excellent in strife,
    after whom is called Mag Ai,
    20] fair under green sward, perfect in beauty.
  6. When the swine had eaten the mast
    of the oakwood of Tarbga, scene of mighty conflicts,
    they went, the ever-famous brood,
    to the lake to satisfy their thirst.

  7. p.407

  8. 25] Nel followed them — a path of terror
    was their track through the warrior tribes:
    it was the journey of one doomed to a wretched end:
    he entered the lake and it drowned him.
  9. Hence by the wish of every chieftain
    30] is named Loch Neil, with its cloudy brightness:
    the death of Nel of the stout retinue
    is found in books, as I tell it.
  10. O King that drownedst keen Pharaoh
    make ready for us, by thy royal will,
    35] a place on thy right hand, O tender, sweet-speaking King,
    after a strain of praise for every hero I celebrate.

  11. p.409