Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 71

Mag Luirg

  1. Known to me in my silent dwelling
    is the pleasant tale of no false prosperity
    from which is named — an intricate task —
    Mag Luirg with its plenty of adornments.
  2. 5] When Conall, dread centre of strife,
    dwelt with the King of Cruachu, chief in danger,
    as an old man forspent
    on the feeble brink of his grave,
  3. Conall, cunning with the stout spear,
    10] caused grief in Cera's Cruachu,
    when he laid low at his home northward Ailill
    mac Ruaid, high in fame.
  4. Fierceness seized him at the tale;
    he fled (it was sign of feebleness)
    15] over Mag Luirg, without crime of note,
    to Mag Slecht of old Brefne.
  5. The way to follow was known from his track
    by the fleet host girt with brown blades;
    so the renowned soldier fell by their hands
    20] at Ath na Mianna near Magen.
  6. The three active Red Wolves of the Martine
    quenched the sturdy strength of the famous man:
    they took his head from him, whatever came of it,
    in revenge for Curui mac Daire.

  7. p.399

  8. 25] They bore with them among their choicest pledges
    the long remembered head, into Crich Berre,
    and yonder in the west it lies underground,
    the dark head that once was Conall's.
  9. From this deed wrought by the soldiery of Carn
    30] the plain received its great name:
    the Cherishing of Conall, hero of a hundred songs,
    is well known to me without difficulty.
  10. Let not my head, O pure Christ,
    lie anywhile under curse and final contention!
    35] my soul, my body, and my song
    let them escape evil and oblivion!

  11. p.401