Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 66

Turloch Silinde

  1. Silend's Lake-bed was here yesterday;
    to-day it is a lake whose waters are full:
    Blonac daughter of Tue it was
    who ruined it in planting the stakes of her cattle-pen.
  2. 5] Though it is Silend who owned it
    (it is a certain fact, it is common talk),
    yet is Silend deprived of her own,
    because 'a weakling is ever a coward,' men say.
  3. Silend shall suffer under endless toil:
    that is the truth, long is the journey:
    to Blonac shall the warriors' lake belong:
    it shall be Silend that shall perish by that fatigue.
  4. Silend shall search east and west,
    over every mountain, till she reach its base:
    Silend, who was not summer-fed shall come to
    a dwelling whose threshold is not dry.
  5. Famous above women were these for grace,
    they plied no business, after the fashion of low-born women;
    though their lakes clave to the heroic women,
    Silend had a fatal toil from her lake-bed.

  6. p.379