Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 61


  1. Moenmag — who was the Moen whence the plain is named,
    that was royally spacious beyond all battle-fields?
    it got the noble and joyous name
    from good Moen son of Allguba.
  2. 5] Along with the goodly Clann Miled,
    Moen was brought by the powerful prince
    Labraid Luchair, whose fame decays not,
    to begin the enduring custom of noble shaving.
  3. Two arts had Moen (active employ)
    10] whereby the noble prince got his reward:
    the business of shaving the gap above the fringe
    and of clearing a plain of great woods.
  4. The warrior free from grief got a heritage
    from Eber, from Eremon,
    15] so Moen, whose thrust was piercing
    the tenant-land of the sons of Fordub.
  5. Moen first received (lasting his fame)
    by his science reward for much shaving
    (the company of historians declares it at Samain),
    20] in reward for shaving he got Berra-main.
  6. Berra-main, noble guerdon of shaving,
    Moen of the kingly household got it
    from the children of Golam of the shouts,
    so that they might be famous for unfailing generosity.

  7. p.337

  8. 25] He it was who was shaved here first
    (he was not urged thereto without sure knowledge)19
    Forbarr the wright of the hosts, a sight!
    His fair cheek first was shaved.
  9. Here is the pleasant legend of Moenmag,
    30] renowned above all places of resort — mark it! —
    in honorific clear-tongued discourse,
    an assurance of fame not dependent on applause.
  10. There are four Moens, excellent in judgments,
    the best I have heard of on populous earth:
    35] but this Moen, slender, of peaceful fame,
    though they were kingly, he was passing strong.
  11. Moen son of Etna, the eager poet,
    Moen son of Ugaine of the keen weapons,
    Moen Moraind of Inber Ella —
    40] I praise Moen son of Ailell.
  12. There was found, through the noble fame of each, a derivation
    for Moenmag, for Berra-main:
    among lords of kine is named
    from these Moens, Moenmag.

  13. p.339