Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 60

Mag nAidni

  1. Mag Aidne, a plain blest with increase,
    with wealth and with noble name:
    the men of Mag Aidne of the horses,
    men that are not stinting in strife:
  2. 5] I proclaim that I am going to tell of them
    to a host, beautiful and vast,
    bringing their legend, the story of their noble origin,
    from my fruit-laden homestead.
  3. Four and twenty fit rath-building serfs
    10] in company, by regular covenant:
    the vigour of the kingly men, the rath-builders,
    was a glory of Clan Miled.
  4. Twice twelve goodly plains,
    a possession of fair fame, no false prosperity,
    15] they cleared successfully, — love ye them! —
    for the children of loud-shouting Golam.
  5. One of them was son of fair Allguba,
    a hand that misbecame not Erin,
    a strong warrior that practised digging
    20] and used to clear great plains.

  6. p.333

  7. Digging up of woods with their stumps,
    construction of raths on royal hills:
    there was wont to be made in glowing pyres
    fire for encampment and expedition.
  8. 25] His noble fingers used to drip fire
    whenever it was the will of the brave prince,
    when they assembled together by day:
    his two hands made fire every night.
  9. Therefore the kingly man demanded
    30] a wood from the sons of great Mil
    to level it, a name full of pleasantness,
    that it might be a home for his kindly race.
  10. It claims, free from fierceness and sorrow,
    its name from huge Aidne,
    35] because he brought a people from the oakwoods,
    so that a great race dwells in the plains thereof.
  11. It is there the famous man died,
    as noble great Segais relates;
    whence the appellation of the hosts till now
    40] is the great surname of Mag Aidne.

  12. p.335