Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 58


  1. Medraige son of Dorcan Mall
    son of Tromda son of Calatrom
    was of the folk of Mac Con, one of the band
    that came from an island to the west of Spain.
  2. 5] The folk of ireful Mac Con
    set sail over the restless sea,
    and seized all this shore
    by this Ford of Medraige.
  3. Cliath son of Cullenn son of Dubdonn,
    10] one of the household of Mac Con from over sea,
    fell swooning thereafter
    by this ford of Medraige.
  4. Hence the name Ath Cliath
    was given to this ford thenceforth of yore;
    15] and it shall remain till sere Doomsday
    on this Ford of Medraige.
  5. Duibre son of Duban son of Derg,
    of the folk of Mac Con from the battlefield,
    settled by this shore thou seest
    20] at this Ford of Medraige.
  6. Hence the name Duibre Donn
    was given to this ford of yore, before my day;
    and it shall continue till sere Doomsday
    on this Ford of Medraige.

  7. p.321

  8. 25] Neide of the deadly wounds, not smooth of mien,
    from him is called the smooth water
    among all the folk of Mac Con
    between Cron and Medraige.
  9. Gaeth son of Nechtan son of Fermor,
    30] who was the famous son of Eremon
    son of Ross son of Inber Buide,
    took to wife the daughter of Medraige.
  10. Marcan son of Donn son of Dathach
    was of the folk of Conn Cetchathach:
    35] Marcan the kindly, the beloved, has passed away
    along with Medraige.
  11. Gaillem, daughter of long-lived Bresal,
    washed herself in the chilly water:
    there the white sapling was drowned:
    40] from her is named Gaillem.
  12. Close to each other are the two graves
    of Medraige and Gaillem, thou deemest:
    there lies beloved Gaillem
    side by side with Medraige.
  13. 45] Laigen Garbliath son of Daire,
    son of the high king of Spain,
    settled by the Ford thou seest
    till the Doom come over Medraige.
  14. Ath Laigin from thenceforth is the name
    50] given to the ford, and shall be for ever,
    and shall be, till this Doom that thou seest,
    the name of the Ford of Medraige.

  15. p.323

  16. Failenn son of Illann son of Ner
    came from the eastern parts of Greece
    to aid Mac Con, as I deem,
    55] and settled on Inis Failenn.
  17. After his slayings and his battles
    Illann's son, Failenn the feaster,
    went his way onwards
    and himself rests at Medraige.
  18. 60] Bairenn son of Bolcan son of Ban
    son of Illann from Spain
    went onward with his following
    to Bairenn above Medraige.
  19. 65] Hence is named Bairenn of the peaks
    65] and white-tressed Inis Failenn:
    they came to this strand thereafter,
    even to this Plain of Medraige.

  20. p.325