Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 57

Ath Cliath Medraige

  1. When I was wont to wend thither,
    to the Ford of the generous, joyous, noble men,
    I was instructed, through lore of battles,
    in the true tale of the Ford of Fences.
  2. 5] It was a home of shields and skenes,
    with plenty of stake-fences and of troops:
    blood-stained were its braves
    in victories won by the kingly Maines:
  3. The Ford, where men were covered with blood
    10] when wounded by the wonted lances:
    when they were vanquished miserably,
    bright-cheeked men were slain:
  4. The Ford where the Clanna Dedaid waged
    red strife on a foray
    15] against the seven Manes, a journey that stretched far,
    with their three thousand kernes.
  5. Ill was the cause whence that name arose,
    though tremendous was the conflict
    about the reaving of Dartaid's loved kine,
    20] whereby great warriors were slaughtered.
  6. Eochu the Little, son of pure Cairpre,
    king of warlike Cliu, low of stature,
    came from Cullend, instructed in knowledge,
    to the Ford of the mellay.

  7. p.317

  8. 25] In fear at the coming of the chieftains,
    the kings of the raths, the noble Maines,
    made round the ford to fence it
    fences of black-thorn and of red-thorn.
  9. From these fences in sooth,
    30] in the meadows of noble Elg,
    is named Ath Cliath, with its strong tribes,
    where I was wont to wend.

  10. p.319