Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 55

Sliab n-Echtga I

  1. The legend of noble Echtga
    by reason of her mighty fame and ardour
    is present to me, with her gatherings
    of the companies of the men of Feine.
  2. 5] A man bright of mien possessed it,
    Mac Ruide high in fame:
    'twas he that got the bright-swelling land
    from every king that he served.
  3. From Cruachan's king justly-famed
    10] he got a bride rich in substance;
    she belonged to him, — a fiery hero without fickleness-
    as is seen in every exact verse.
  4. Lusca Beist was from childhood
    the name for Fergus mac Ruide,
    15] who was reared at Sid Nenta;
    there were his petitions granted.
  5. Kitchener for the hosts
    with active ardour,
    was the son of Ruide Ruad — declare it!
    20] look ye and speak truth!
  6. He took on him the spencer's office,
    innumerable were his excellent arts,
    whereby he got a noble share of strong places
    in the territory of all-generous Sengand.

  7. p.301

  8. 25] He was in favour with great kings
    through his arts of various beauty:
    only, without falsehood, in pure truth,
    he found no woman that accepted him.
  9. Crafty Fergus acquired land
    30] by dint of his bitter greed
    from Moen of the teeming homes
    to the levels by the sea.
  10. He offered all in one day —
    Mac Ruide of the victorious spear —
    35] his land with the fruits thereof
    as her bride-price to a lawful wife.
  11. In princely Crich Echtair
    by the graves of the men of the west
    was reared the lovely offspring
    40] martial Echtga
  12. A fresh girl sought by suitors,
    of the people of Dea, the beloved,
    daughter of Aurscothach mac Tinne,
    an offspring winsome of mien.
  13. 45] Every sort of substance there was on earth
    the noble cheerful maiden possessed,
    except tenant-land held in fee:
    it was no lowering of her fame.

  14. p.303

  15. Doach Moelchend of ill fame
    50] gave appropriate counsel
    in his native guile
    to his nursling — deed of deceit,
  16. to sleep with harsh Fergus
    for the worth of his estate,
    55] for the sake of the goodly portion he got
    in the land of venerable Sengand.
  17. Mac Ruide spear-renowned
    gave in dower all
    the mountain that ye visit
    60] with oak woods and strong places.
  18. Since she got the mountain free of tax,
    the woman eager for gifts,
    since then, a customary title,
    her name is upon it.
  19. 65] Hence is called
    Echtga, a green-swelling plough-land;
    name it without constraint among all
    who can taste poetic lore.

  20. p.305