Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 54

Sinann II

  1. Sinann — the reason why it is so named,
    I will declare without deception:
    I will report clearly without perplexity
    its name and its origin.
  2. 5] I will declare to each and all
    the origin of bright-streaming Sinann:
    I will not hide the source of its renown,
    I will report the reason of its name.
  3. Connla's well, loud was its sound,
    5] was beneath the blue-skirted ocean:
    six streams, unequal in fame,
    rise from it, the seventh was Sinann.
  4. The nine hazels of Crimall the sage
    drop their fruits yonder under the well:
    15] they stand by the power of magic spells
    under a darksome mist of wizardry.
  5. Together grow, in unwonted fashion,
    their leaves and their flowers: —
    a wonder is this, though a noble quality,
    20] and a wonder their ripening all in a moment.
  6. When the cluster of nuts is ripe
    they fall down into the well:
    they scatter below on the bottom,
    and the salmon eat them.

  7. p.295

  8. 25] From the juice of the nuts (no paltry matter)
    are formed the mystic bubbles;
    thence come momently the bubbles
    down the green-flowing streams.
  9. There was a maiden yellow-haired
    30] yonder, sprung of the Tuatha De Danann,
    the sprightly Sinann, bright of face,
    daughter of Lodan Luchair-glan.
  10. One night the maiden bethought her, —
    the sweet-voiced red-lipped maiden —
    35] that every sort of fame was at her command
    save the mystic art alone.
  11. The maiden, — fair was her form, —
    came on a day to the river
    and saw — it was no paltry matter —
    40] the lovely mystic bubbles.
  12. The maiden goes on a lamentable venture
    after them into the green-flowing river:
    she is drowned yonder through her venture;
    so from her is Sinann named.
  13. 45] Another version if ye so desire
    ye may get from me concerning white-flowing Sinann;
    though it is to be read in my verse,
    it is no better than the first version.
  14. Lind Mna Feile, (I speak truly),
    50] is the name of the pool where she was drowned:
    this is its proper title inherited from her
    if that be the true tale to tell.

  15. p.297

  16. Another version, I remember,
    — every one in general has heard:
    55] Cu Nuadat — great was his beauty —
    was drowned in the cruel stream.
  17. Or perchance Sinann is literally
    by interpretation Sín Morainn:
    or sí in moirenn — might of deeds:
    60] Sinann is fairer than any weather.

  18. p.299