Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 53

Sinann I

  1. The noble name of Sinann, search it out for us,
    since ye venture to lay bare its origin:
    not paltry was the action and the struggle
    whereby the name of Sinann became immortal.
  2. 5] Sinann, radiant, ever-generous,
    was once a maiden right active
    till she met all earthly misfortune,
    the daughter of Lodan from heroic Luchar.
  3. In the still Land of Promise,
    10] that no storm of bloodshed mars,
    the deathless maid gained the fame that was her undoing,
    the daughter of bright Luchar, whom I celebrate.17
  4. A spring (not sluggish) under the pleasant sea
    in the domain of Condla (it was fitting,
    15] as we recount in telling the tale): —
    to gaze upon it went Sinann.
  5. A well with flow unfailing
    is by the edge of a chilly river
    (as men celebrate its fame),
    20] whence spring seven main streams.
  6. Here thou findest the magic lore of Segais
    with excellence, under the fresh spring:
    over the well of the mighty waters
    stands the poets' music-haunted hazel.

  7. p.289

  8. 25] The spray of the Segais is sprinkled
    on the well of the strong gentle lady,
    when the nuts of fair Crinmond fall
    on its royal bosom bright and pure.
  9. Together in plenteous foison
    30] shoot forth all at once from the goodly tree
    leaf and flower and fruit;
    to everyone it is not unlovely.
  10. In this wise, clear without falsehood,
    they fall afterwards in their season
    35] upon the honoured well of Segais
    at the like hour, with like excellence.
  11. Nobly they come, with bright activity,
    seven streams, in an untroubled gush,
    back into the well yonder,
    40] whence rises a murmur of musical lore.
  12. Let us recount the entire journey
    whereon went Sinann of noble repute
    to Lind Mna Feile in the west
    with the choicest of her splendid abode.
  13. 45] There lacks no desirable gift that I could not fancy
    as belonging to that noble lady
    save magic lore in its sequences: —
    it was a new practice for her fresh life.

  14. p.291

  15. The well fled back (clear fame
    50] through the murmur of its musical lore!)
    before Sinann, who visited it in the north,
    and reached the chilly river.
  16. The woman of Luchar of full chastity
    followed the stream of Segais
    55] till she reached the river's brink
    and met destruction and utter frustration.
  17. There the comely lady was drowned
    and perished under heavy injury;
    though the woman of warlike ardour is dead,
    60] her noble name clave to her river.
  18. Hence with zealous affection
    is called the Pool of the pure-white modest woman.
    in every place (an easy visit) is known
    the noble pleasant name of this Sinann.

  19. p.293