Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 51


  1. O thou that dispensest the lore of the learned,
    that declarest every usage with fresh radiance,
    approach, above the slopes of oak-wood,
    the portion of Luimnech, home of the hero-folk.
  2. 5] Luimnech — wide-reaching the story,
    it has been spread abroad mightily —
    at all times it is unsubdued,
    so that it is ever famous till doomsday.
  3. It is a market-place of a gathering that is held
    10] with victories, with great renown;
    a proud and wealthy people held it,
    a people with saddles and silken raiment.
  4. A multitude assembled here
    in the midst of Limerick of the fleet
    15] from the host that merited fame,
    whence Luimnech got its martial name.
  5. Eochu's province assembled there,
    it was a concourse peaceful, on noble business;
    over against the host of eager Luachair
    20] came the champions of Cruachan, elate with fame.
  6. The princely leaders brought thither,
    endowed with lasting fame and prosperity,
    a noble pair free from shifty treachery,
    the two sons of Smucaille Smitchend.

  7. p.273

  8. 25] Smucaille son of huge Bacdub,
    that black-fisted carle, bright-eminent;
    sons to him, good at weaving strife,
    were the men of martial arts.
  9. Bind and Faebur, plain to see-
    30] no danger

    as we proclaim across all seas,
    those were the names of the noble warriors.
  10. On coming to the fair-fought combat
    the nimble warriors, broad-visaged,
    35] before they entered on their famous contest,
    took to them sureties.
  11. Ochaill from wide-branching Cruachan
    undertook protection of true Faebur;
    40] at the Sid of Bodb, who would not endure treachery,
    was found protection for fierce Rind.
  12. When the tide turned to flow again
    it brought each host to fame;
    so that the lake, covered with cloaks
    was in regular ridges
  13. 45] On this wise came, in

    every hero, clad in a grey cloak;
    so the waters of Luimnech carried them off,
    from Munstermen and men of Connaught.

  14. p.275

  15. Therefore said the host
    50] from high-mounded Tul Thuinne,
    "'Cloaked' (lumnigthe) is the mighty estuary called,
    as long as the combat shall be remembered."
  16. Hence is named everywhere
    Luimnech — proud the home of heroes —
    55] from this gathering, as the learned deduce,
    wherein its true warriors were despoiled:
  17. Or else, when the stream of sail-dotted Shannon
    carried away from where you stand, past meadow lands,
    the shields of the chieftains of your mighty host
    60] from the shoulders of the nimble gillies.
  18. Lumman is the name of every spiky shield —
    no weakling is the chieftain that bears it;
    from these, it may be, mark it mindfully!
    the name Luimnech clave to the river of heroes.
  19. 65] The heroes were saying
    on massy Tul Thuinne,
    "'Shielded' (luimnechda) is the stream of Mac Lir:
    unfruitful are its strong men!"

  20. p.277