Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 50

Carn Feradaig

  1. This carn I see, pre-eminent,
    the carn of Feradach of the true judgments:
    I am versed completely in every spot
    in the tale whence it took its name.
  2. 5] Feradach of the noble pride
    was son of Rochorp son of Gollan:
    Gollan with the bright ' wind of wailing '
    was son-of Conmael son of Eber.
  3. A prince seized the lands of Temair,
    10] even Tigernmas, with powerful sway:
    thrice nine battles with his line of slender spears
    he won against the children of Conmael.
  4. He slew Conmael, head of battle,
    in the battle of great Oenach Macha,
    15] in the battle of Eille in fight early-arrayed
    he slew Rochorp son of Gollan.
  5. He slew Feradach thereafter
    the noble son of Rochorp, kingly in valour:
    the body whence he departed after his slaying
    20] lies under thy mounds, O pleasant carn!

  6. p.269

  7. Feradach, who offered battles
    till the prince of Macha slew him,
    met an encounter hence — better he had not!
    the fixed term of their truce had expired.
  8. 25] Tigernmas with many a conflict,
    slaughter, with furious strife,
    with his army high in renown
    gained many victories about the cairns.

  9. p.271