Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 49

Loch Lein

  1. There is due to the water of Loch Lein
    a greeting from afar,
    as it is free from sorrow beyond all,
    in beauty and endless glory.
  2. 5] There was a time when it was a waste, a place of graves,
    with many a generous chieftain,
    though it be now a hallowed water, with fullness of fame,
    over the domain of Fathlind son of Aed.
  3. Since the lake of the fair blameless host
    10] spread over the entire domain
    of Fathlind son of Aed Daman,
    a lay is due to it from every man.
  4. I have heard of Len with hammers in plenty,
    as being under the marge of its blooming bank,
    15] where he shaped by no feeble forceless work
    the shining vessels of Fand daughter of Flidais.
  5. At Sid Buidb he was a wright without reproach,
    Len Linfiaclach son of Bolgach:
    Bolgach son of Bannach — fair fame —
    20] was son of Glammach son of Gomer.
  6. Were it chariot or helmet of gold,
    were it cup or well-made instrument of music,
    justly Len won good fame therefrom,
    it was finished work ere night.

  7. p.263

  8. 25] After work ceased each night (right deed),
    for the accomplished man (no weakling he),
    at his anvil, he would fling it
    from him to the anvil of the Dese.
  9. Three showers would it fling forth —
    30] the anvil with its sparkles:
    a shower of water, unfailing, vigorous,
    a shower of flaming fire:
  10. The third shower with bright shining share
    was of lovely pure purple jewels,
    35] so that these, lovely in purity,
    were the jewels of Loch Lein's clear waters.
  11. The lake of the hero Len endures
    with multitude of lean-sided waves:
    in the land of the Dese by Len's will
    40] endures his anvil after him.
  12. In the reign of blameless Eremon
    after clear dawning free from strife
    sprang up, famous beyond every noble place in the east,16
    the outburst of the waters of Loch Lein.
  13. 45] They tell here differently
    both nobles and gleemen,
    that it was not found and manifested in the east
    till the time of Cond Cetchathach.

  14. p.265

  15. Hence comes — no silent sound —
    50] the legend of Loch Lein in after days:
    thanks should be paid for our report:
    from every man this is due.

  16. p.267