Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 45

Sliab Miss

  1. Miss, daughter of mighty Mairid
    son of Cairid Red-Sword,
    took a mountain as her own special portion
    for ever over the genuine line of Dedad.
  2. 5] When the children of great, active Mairid
    left the land of the son of Sen —
    (Echaid and Ri, royal the band,
    first beginning of a host free from mischance) —
  3. Coemgen, stern wound-scarred,
    10] had to wife a noble woman chosen from the host,
    Miss, who obtained, never to part from it,
    the noble hill of Senach as her bride-gift.
  4. Fierce Senach, son of keen Dedad,
    it is there he died, on the mountain:
    15] there close covered by the sod is
    his rath, with the wail for his defeat.
  5. Miss, the much-loved daughter of Mairid,
    above the thickets of the troops, acquired
    by covenant, with eagerness not slight,
    20] the noble, lucky title of the mountain of Sen-Miss.

  6. p.243